Data exchange using conventional paper is now the past. It is slow, not precise and expensive to use. The solution is clearly electronic data exchange (purchase orders, invoices), which up until now, could require substantial investments. First Businesspost Ltd. has developed a system that has reduced the need for investment into expensive solutions. The required investment on your side is simply zero. It means that you can use one of the world's most sophisticated and advanced e-invoice solutions without making any investment and start saving 50-90% of your costs from tomorrow. Saving is on both sides.

If you are an invoice receiver, all of your processing and most of your archiving costs can now be saved and you will receive all your incoming invoices in the SAME format (which you can specify), and if you wish it can be automaticaly booked in your accounts.

If you are an invoice sender you save most of the costs of producing and sending your invoices. The system is designed so that incorrect invoices will not be forwarded. All checks are done before the invoice reaches the recipient. Sounds too good to be true? Check a few of the 40,000 companies who already use our system all over Europe.



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